Having proper protection is a half job done. Whatever you work on, you should have protective gloves and that is the bottom line! In case you are working as a roofing expert, you will be delighted with this article as we will review several gloves that showed great results in roofing jobs. When we say great results, we think of several things like performance, price, comfort and durability. Feel free to browse this site to find all the additional info you could need about the roofing and get yourself prepared on time!

NoCry Cut Resistant Work gloves

Exposing your hands to the rough materials requires having a good gloves that will protect your hands and cover them while you are working. This pair is versatile pair of gloves that will offer you fantastic protection in any work that involves rough and sharp objects that might cut your hand. Made of innovative, tough and highly durable material, the gloves will protect your hands, provide comfort and a good amount of breathability so your hands do not get too hot inside.

NoCry Cut Resistant Work gloves

Best working gloves

The gloves feature the highest protection rating CE EN388 Level 5, while giving you a strong grip with silicon dots that prevent slipping of an object from your hand. These are available only in white color and weigh only about 0.96 ounces! The only downside of NoCry gloves is that these are available only in white color, as this increase the chances for getting them dirty and dusty.

SHOWA Atlas 300S-07

SHOWA Atlas 300S-07

SHOWA Atlas 300S-07 Blue

If you need something with more ergonomic, Atlas roofing gloves will be your perfect choice! These are made of rubber that allows you to shape the gloves according to your hands. Therefore, the gloves will take the exact shape of your hands and you will not feel any fatigue because of the sturdy construction.

The high level of elasticity, flexibility and comfort will give you easy use of these gloves that also provide a steady grip, preventing any slipping of an object from your hands. The best part is that you can use these indoor and outdoor, without the fear that the weather could destroy them. Also, they are highly resistant to alcohol, chemicals, weak acids and detergents! The only problem we might notice is that they do not have the proper ventilation system and your hand could become hot very soon!

CLC Custom Leathercraft Flex glove

Different jobs require different gloves, and once you buy CLC Custom Leathercraft gloves, you will be available to work on all jobs! They are soft, yet sturdy enough to withstand all cuts, sharp objects and extreme environment! The pads on the fingers are providing enough grip, stability and protection, making these ideal for roofing, mechanics and construction work.

Spandex material make these stretchable while the elastic cuff enables you to tighten the gloves so they stay on the place during the work. The only problem with this pair is that these are not that chemical-resistant like the previous two models.