In case that you have roofing problems, you might want to know what these words mean so that you would be able to understand what kind of problems your roofing professional is talking you about.

Shingles – If your roofer tells you that the problem lies in a loose shingle, then you know that the square profile that is used to make up the roof is loose. Commonly, shingles are made of asphalt or steel and have a textured coating.
Fascia – The part of the roof which is referred to as fascia is usually made of steel and timber and fixed to the end of the roof. This part allows a gutter system to be attached and it is placed between the house and the gutter.
Pitch – The pitch is the angle of the roof, but it is also used to refer to the roof slope. When the pitch is damaged, serious roofing repairs are in order.
Re-roofing – If you contractor or roofer informs you that re-roofing is necessary, you will have to spend your savings. It means replacing the existing roof with an entirely new one. It can be done either by completely removing the existing roof and placing a new one, or installing a new roof over the existing roof. Your roofing expert, or your contractor, are the most eligible person to advise you on the actions which should be taken.

Batten Or Purlin – These are used to refer to the positioning or supporting of your roof. It is usually made of timber, and it is used to fix the roof to the place.
Underlay – Underlay is used as a condensation barrier, and it is placed over the rafters and under the battens.
Rafters – Roof frame timbers which support the roofing material are called rafters.